The Friends Board of Directors & Committees

Current Members of the Friends Board of Directors

Ann Marie Arment | Committee 

Ilene Blain | Advocacy Committee

Ashley Brenner | Communications/Public Relations Committee, Programs Committee 

Lyn Buchheit | Recording Secretary, Membership Committee 

Stan Cutler | Programs Committee, Communications/Public Relations Committee

Joanne Dhody | Communications/Public Relations Committee, Past President 

Phyllis Donahue | President, Garden Committee 

Karen Freedman | Membership Committee, Programs Committee 

Mike Henry | Treasurer 

Jan LeSuer | Membership Committee, Programs Committee, Advocacy Comittee 

Prather O’Donnell | Librarian, Programs Committee

Marlene Sider | Hospitality Committee, Communications/Public Relations Committee

Position and Committee Roles & Responsibilities



To preside over and conduct meetings, to appoint all committees, except as limited herein, and to be ex-officio a member of the committees.

Vice President

To perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President and to assist the President as requested.


To keep and maintain the financial records of the organization and support Committees with planning and solicitation and dues, contributions and gifts.

Recording Secretary

To record attendance at all meetings and to take and distribute minutes of all meetings.

Corresponding Secretary 

To keep a list of the membership; to notify the Friends and Executive Board of the time and place of meetings; and to conduct the correspondence of the organization.

Membership Committee (Fundraising)

Membership – Developing and implementing new membership campaigns, programs, benefits and new member recruitment strategies. Participate in planning member events. And, in conjunction with the Corresponding Secretary, maintain member and contributor database.

Programs Committee

Work with librarians and other committees to plan and manage programs to increase library use, increase community involvement, and serve as an opportunity to recruit new Friends members.

Hospitality Committee 

Provide refreshments for programs and events as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.

Book Sale Committee (Fundraising)

Manage and maintain Friends Used Book Sale events. Consider sale of other retail items; investigate and consider ways to increase revenue from retail sales, build increased community involvement and Friends participation and membership.

Gardens Committee

Responsible for planning and maintaining the library garden, indoor plantings and holiday decorations. Promoting use of the garden by the community and recommending garden use for Library and Friends events & programs.

Marketing, Communications & PR Committee

In conjunction with other committees (Membership, Programs, Fundraising) Marketing, Communications & Public Relations develops press releases, feature stories, developing newsletters, brochures and is responsible for developing potential websites and managing social media presence.

Librarian (ex-officio)

Works with Friends officers and committees to plan and manage programs sponsored and/or supported by the Friends, focused on children, young adults and adults to increase library use and increase community involvement with the library – and serve as an opportunity to recruit new Friends membership. 

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising – (other than Membership and Book Sales).  Identify and apply for grants (Philadelphia Activities Grants, etc.), work to identify individual and corporate donors, work with Program Committee to identify potential Program and Event Sponsors.

Advocacy Committee

Assume responsibility for building and maintaining relationship with the Library, the Library Foundation and other Friends organizations – identify opportunities for community outreach, events, programs, fundraising, co-operation and relationship building.  Advocate for the Library and for the Friends.