Please tell us about programs, presentations or talks you would like to deliver

Have something important to say?  Ideas, insights or experiences you would like to share with our community?

  • Are you an educator, either active or retired, who wants to give a lecture on the most important things you know? 
  • Are you a creative professional, a writer or artist, who wants to share your work? 
  • Are you a business professional who has learned secrets of success that you think everyone ought to know? 

Describe your topic and why it is of interest.  Ideally, programs, presentations, talks or lectures should be 60 to 90-minutes. We will provide projection equipment for PowerPoint or internet-linked display.

Your voice should  be heard

We are a community of talented, experienced, well-educated people. We, the Chestnut Hill Library Friends, believe these assets can be put to good use.  

We plan to host regular programs in which local folks deliver their best ideas to their neighbors. We are looking for people to fill our schedule. 

This is a call for proposals.