Minutes: November 7, 2018 Meeting (Approved 10/12/18)

Attendance: Ashley Brenner, Carol Romsloe, Jan LeSuer, Karen Freedman, Marlene Side, Renee Polsky, Phyllis Donahue, Stan Cutler, Prather O’Donnell, Lyn Buchheit, Marc Donahue, Technical Support

President Donahue called the meeting to order at 7:15

1. Minutes reviewed; Jan LeSuer recommended acceptance. Group concurred. 

2. Committee Reports:

  • Treasurer’s Report: M. Henry (via Phyllis) says that Pay Pal account has been established. Members please review and give feedback to Phyllis. Phyllis to ask Mike to resend previous report to cmte. Question (Stan Cutler) to committee re: archiving our documents: Consensus of the group was to place them all in google docs (Jan will work on the Google Docs), and also to continue to keep minutes, all relevant docs hard copy, available in binder in Library (Renee)
  • Membership: Newly revised membership letter has been distributed via email from committee last week. Please review this document. Marc Donahue has distributed minutes from Membership committee meeting. (on record) Outcome: we have list of 500 people. Only 150 +/- of these have email addresses. List is incomplete. Marc suggested that we have no payment record of donations; however, C. Romsloe says that we do have payment record for all individuals who have paid. (These records need to be on an electronic database, according to Marc Donahue). Discussion followed about how we may in future secure email addresses, to limit cost of postage and make donations more easily obtained. Marc is able, using print again this year, to obtain through a printer, the Membership letter and a preprinted envelope for approximately 0.19 /per letter. The group agreed the this is a good idea for 2018-19. This situation, moving from paper to online seems to be a situation in flux with many non-profit organizations. The group encouraged the Library, going forward, to collect online contacts as often as is possible, in special events, checkout, etc. Prather has been conscious of this, and is attempting to remedy this issue. However, it is a situation, which this year, remains yet unresolved.
  • Hospitality: Marlene Sider, Chair, introduced the important local event for the Friends, “Caroling at the Creche” which is scheduled for December 17, 2018. It is also the Opening Day of the Book Sale, which is open to the public from 12/17 until the December 31, 2018. Marlene asked each of the members to solicit cookies, breads, et.al from local companies on the Hill, which have always generously given us a plate of food for this event. We should ask the owner, arrange to pick up the food on the day of the event, and write a letter of thanks to the organization. They should also be acknowledged in the CH LOCAL….(This is very important) Stan Cutler will work with the Local to advert the Caroling event (with a photograph: The Local has these in its archives), and acknowledge the business people who support this event.
  • Programs: Prather O’Donnell discussed the success of the Scarecrow Program, which was heralded by the Morris Arboretum. This was the first time a library had entered the contest, and won third prize! It brought t publicity to the LEAP Program, which brings teenagers into the library in supervisory positions. Prather also discussed the successes of Pumpkin Decorating Program, for 27 children, and the new Crochet Club for Children, which is gaining momentum.
  • Book Sale: Renee Polsky discussed the two new programs at the Book Sale: Books Through Bars, which gives books to prisons. We are contributing books each month to this program. In addition, we are collecting and delivering books to local non-profit childrens’ nurseries in the area.
  • Garden Program: Fall Clean-up will begin soon. (dead-heading, et.al) Robertson’s will again be asked to do Christmas decorations (wreaths and Garlands. The Dear Company (our garden oversight company) has invited a specialty gardener (Paula Flowers) to walk the property and make suggestions for changes in the next year. 
  • Public Relations: Lindsey Pennington will maintain the FB page. We are encouraged, as members of the Board to post on the FB page, share information, and to “Share” and to “Like” so this page begins to have more traction.
  • Advocacy: Jan Leseur was extremely successfully on Election Day to engage with voters and collect their signatures for Advicating for out Libraries. This document is online…make copies and collect data. This will ultimately go to City Hall in an effort to bring monies and support to our Chest Hill Library and all city libraries. 
  • Librarian’s Report: Prather O’Donnell reported on “figures to note” in attendance, LEAP, Total Programs Total Circulation, which was the 11th highest in the system, #1 in the Northwest region. Congratulations!  Prather  discussed programs and initiatives in process including guitar lessons, Spanish Language lessons. She also expressed concerns about certain infrastructure issues, e.g. lighting, sidewalks, basement that require attention. Good news is that an Adult Librarian may be hired soon.

3. Unfinished Business: 

  • Budget: still work in progress.
  • Membership Plan
  • Garden Committee Programs
  • Adult Programs
  • Our President’s intention that we have time to meet in Break0ut Sessions did not come to fruition. We hope that this happens at our next meeting, which will be on December 10, 2018. 

Respectfully submitted, Lyn Buchheit, Recording Secretary. 

September 17, 2018 Meeting

Minutes of Special Board Meeting

Friends of the Chestnut Hill Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia 

September 17, 2018 – Community Room, Chestnut Hill Library

The meeting was call to order at 7:03 p.m.

Board Members in attendance: Beth Bartle, Lyn Buchheit, Joanne Dhody, Phyllis Donahue, Prather Egan, Mike Henry, Renee Polsky, Carol Romsloe, and Marlene Sider

Board Members absent: Carol Duncan

Guests Included previously nominated individuals for consideration as members of the Board: Ann Marie Arment, Ilene Blain, Ashley Brenner, Stan Cutler, Karen Freedman, Jan LeSuer and Lindsey Pennington. Also present was volunteer Marc Donahue.

  • The President opened the meeting with a welcome and an overview of the Friends Organization, some of the Friends’ accomplishments, and quick comments about what the Friends would like to do moving forward. 
  • The nominees were introduced, and each was given an opportunity to share their experience and interests in the Library with the group.
  • Following nominee introductions, each Board member shared some of their experiences with the nominees and provided capsule descriptions of some of the work being done by committees. The Treasurer provided information about the financial position of the Organization and the budget process.
  • A Question & Answer session followed, with nominees asking questions and Board members providing insight into the workings and goals of the organization.
  • The President made a motion that the Board vote to elect Ann Marie Arment, Ilene Blain, Ashley Brenner, Stan Cutler, Karen Freedman, Jan LeSuer and Lindsey Pennington. The motion was seconded by Lyn Buchheit.
  • The nominees all accepted their nominations
  • A roll-call vote was call for and all nominees were unanimously elected to the Board for two-year terms.
  • The next Board Meeting will be Monday, October 29 at 7 p.m. at the Library.
  • The meeting was adjourned about 8:20 p.m. for refreshments and to have a photo taken of the newly elected Board Members.

  Respectfully submitted, Lyn Buchheit, Recording Secretary.