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Anyone who uses our Library can become a Member of the Friends without a minimum membership contribution - but we do encourage donations to help support our activities. 

Friends volunteer time to fundraise, shelve books, assist librarians, maintain the gardens and plan events for children and adults to build Library use and awareness. 

Use the form below to send information about you and your interests.

Individual & Family Membership

You may donate any amount you feel you can afford or select from the following Annual Membership Levels:

  • Patron $250
  • Sponsor $100
  • Family $50
  • Individual $25
  • Other Amount $_____

Please visit our donate page

Merchant or Business Membership

Merchants have the opportunity to benefit from supporting our organization:

  • Merchant Patron $250
  • Merchant Member $100

Please visit our "Donate" Page to donate on-line 


Click below to learn more about the Friends Board and the Friends Committees

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